The media, entertainment, broadcast and publishing sector is globally one of the most rapidly evolving with exponential data growth in past 20 years. The desire for improved accessibility to that data at production, commercial and consumer levels is driving the growth and the Tape Ark solution is ideal for this market’s needs.  Media assets such as video, CCTV, security and news footage, cinematography and audio require large volume durable storage that can grow to multi-petabytes on demand.

The media industry conventionally has collections of many tens of thousands of tapes with all of their historical media content.  In many cases, these tapes are stored in offsite storage with the media deteriorating, and the hardware needed to read the tapes all becoming obsolete. Tape Ark helps media organisations liberate their valuable legacy assets and monetise content with its rapid tape virtualisation approach and revolutionary commercial model.

Tape Ark doesn’t just copy your media and entertainment data from one type of media to another – we are your data management partner and the custodians of your valuable data assets for the long term.

We understand and know the complexities of your priceless and often irreplaceable data and endeavour to add value where we can and provide options that will not only preserve already ageing data archives, but future proof your data by providing strategic solutions on an ongoing basis.

The types of services that Tape Ark provides the media and broadcast sector include:

  • Restore and digitise all forms of video tape media

  • Restore and digitise all forms of film tape media

  • Restore and import large volumes of tapes to Amazon or Azure for connecting to MAM (media asset management) systems

  • Prepare large volumes of data for analytics and AI platform ingestion like Amazon's Rekognition

  • Prepare large volumes of data for import into databases and other proprietary systems

  • Prepare large volumes of data for commercial use - streaming or downloading

  • Reformat legacy tape backups for ingest into newly deployed backup and retrieval systems (List of tape formats here)

  • ·Restore and reformat data from one system to another (List of tape formats here)

  • Data ownership segregation for jointly collected data

  • Restore data for placing into active storage for video streaming or ingestion into production systems for news or sports broadcasts

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