Maximising the value of your legacy
media content

Globally, the media, broadcast and entertainment industry is one of the most rapidly evolving, with exponential growth continuing to occur. It is driven mainly by technological advances in the way content is produced and consumed. From 4K to 8K Ultra High Definition TVs, and the ease and mobility of over the top (OTT) media services are constantly redefining the industry and viewer relationships.

Without fast, highly accessible, secure and safe content storage, competing commercially in today’s hyper-connected media landscape would be like running the Boston Marathon, with a blindfold; constantly bumping into things and getting nowhere fast, while others run to a strategy designed to achieve their optimum outcome. So how do you get the competitive edge, and de-risk the opportunity?

Digital transformation strategies must include cloud migration of all assets, archive and preservation content straight through to post-production versions, fully integrated into a modern Media Asset and Management System meeting current and future user requirements. The benefit, driving value through accessibility while simultaneously reducing storage costs.

For many years, Content Owners have relied upon costly tape libraries to maintain and manage their content, at a bottom-line cost. These costs are in terms of hardware maintenance and technology upgrades, risk of tape corruption and deterioration, end-of-life tape migration, human capital, power and cooling, as well as the time-consuming complexities of content retrieval, and let’s not forget the poor industry track record of capturing metadata. The impact of being slow to respond and having limited access to the lucrative archives and contextual metadata means missed opportunities, growth slows, and margins shrink.

Content Owners require fast, efficient and high-performance access to all their content assets so that they can meet deadlines, stay on schedule and budget, respond quickly to project specifics, anywhere around the world and at any anytime, and take commercial advantage of the latest social trends by licensing old shows to new audiences.

“By 2023 we expect about 55% of archived content to be in near-line and object storage, up from 45% in 2017.”
Tom Couglin, Coughlin Associates

How to avoid the complexity

More and more Content Owners are looking at shifting all their content assets to the public cloud to stay ahead of rising storage costs, increase the speed of time to store, retrieve and collaborate between production teams with ease and immediacy.

Offsite tape to cloud migration doesn’t have to be complicated. Though many variations of tape type exist along with content format, the process to ‘lift and shift’ content from tape to cloud is universal - if you’re using Tape Ark’s proprietary technology stack.

Tape Ark has a five step process to lift and shift all your content assets en-masse to your preferred cloud platform. It is safe, secure, and highly efficient no matter the tape type or format. We have deep technical expertise, capability and global networks. No job is too big or too small. We have a unique cataloguing system, apply cutting edge tools to contextualize the metadata, and our efficient auditing process offers an accurate indication of your cloud footprint.

We offer a wide range of services to assist the Media, Broadcast and Entertainment industry preserve or help commercialise content assets including:

  • Liberating content from proprietary media backup formats

  • Mass migration of legacy tape-based content

  • Capturing fixity information pre and post migration

  • Positioning your content ready for a new Media Asset Management System

  • Apply AI tools to your legacy content to produce enhanced metadata:

    • Celebrity Identification

    • Object Recognition

    • Adult Content Identification

    • Speech to Text Transcription

    • OCR Subtitles in Existing Content

  • Transcoding and reformatting


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