The Live Data Acquisition Gauntlet has been thrown down....

April 2018’s Live Seismic Acquisition to the cloud of onshore data shot in Oklahoma was just the very first step in Tape Ark’s vision to see all types of seismic data acquisition occur directly to the cloud.   Live ingest of data directly to the public cloud removes the need for data to be recorded to tape – tape that unnecessarily consumes large volumes of time (measured in months), money and a multitude of physical, human and environmental resources in their lifetime.

Since this event, Tape Ark have been pursuing and further exploring their mission – to streamline and shorten the data acquisition cycle and ultimately see ALL data recorded at the Edge and point of acquisition move directly into public cloud storage and bypass tape altogether – not only for onshore exploration like was proven in Oklahoma but also for offshore exploration on the boat.  The gauntlet was well and truly laid down 😊.

Over the past twelve months the Tape Ark team have been working veraciously with industry partners at making the impossible a reality for organisations around the globe.  The amalgamation of technology, desire, creative ideas, resources, talent and experience is getting us closer and closer, bit by bit.  Innovation and new technology soon to reach the market is mind blowing and out of this world – literally. Stay tuned for updates and watch this space.