Tape Ark understands the unique challenges and different regulatory requirements that exist between different industry sectors when it comes to data management and data storage practices. The Tape Ark team has extensive experience across a broad section of industries, having worked with data from financial services, healthcare, mining & resources, research and Government to name just a few.

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing and we understand and proactively keep on top of the complex requirements for the retention of archive data, ensuring that the migration and storage of your legacy archive data from tape to the cloud complies with all legal and regulatory requirements specific to your industry while simultaneously safeguarding the integrity and security of the data. We help to identify any possible compliance gaps and security vulnerabilities and ensure that these are eliminated during the migration process.

Our industry experience includes:

Financial Services
As one of the most heavily regulated industry sectors, the management of financial services data is subject to compliance with a plethora of laws and regulations in regards to its handling and storage. Financial services data –whether it is banking, stock market, superannuation, investment, insurance, credit, tax or other transactional information is highly confidential and requires high levels of security, encryption and traceability. These differ again between public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

Public sector data retention requirements are unique and can cross many other industry boundaries.  Governments are responsible for the creation, management and long term preservation of vast volumes of information such as census data, tax records, public health records, education, libraries and historical data. Take Ark has provided services to this sector for over 15 years.

Mining, energy, and environmental sectors each have individual and complex corporate data retention requirements and regulations to comply with.  Tape Ark understands these complexities and can provide services that bring real value to the resource sector.

Healthcare organisations are one of the most sensitive and data intensive sectors in the world. Unlike other sectors, healthcare organisations must comply with laws and regulations that strictly govern the way in which confidential patient data is used, shared, stored and retained. Hospitals and medical organisations or authorities may be required to legally archive and retain petabytes of data for decades (life of patient) yet keep them always accessible and secure.  The Tape Ark solution provides a solution that holistically addresses these issues and provides industry leading flexibility and accessibility.

Moving large volumes of historical and legacy patient data from tape into the cloud not only makes it more accessible, but may open the door for big data opportunities and greater healthcare analytics and research.

Media, Entertainment & Publishing
This sector is globally one of the most rapidly evolving with exponential data growth in past 20 years. The desire for improved accessibility to that data at production, commercial and consumer levels is driving the growth and the Tape Ark solution is ideal for this market’s needs.  Media assets such as video, news footage, cinematography and audio require large volume durable storage that can grow to multi-petabytes on demand.

Retail & eCommerce
Data management and storage in the retail industry has undergone many changes in the past quarter century and continues to do so as market trends become more global and ecommerce moves it away from the bricks and mortar sphere. The increase in companies wanting to access statistics or historical data to develop and understand trends in sales or inventory management are on the rise, and the Tape Ark solution can help bring this data off of backup tapes and into production.

Research & Education
Universities have one of the largest collections of backup tapes in the world.  The rules that govern the way student records and research projects are managed are both complex and far reaching.  Vast sums of money are wasted each in in this sector on off-site storage of data that the industry must retain, but is inaccessible to them without significant cost and time implications.  Tape Ark can help eliminate wasted storage fees and provide rapid access to data in ways previously not feasible.

Building & Construction
The building and construction industry has very long retention periods for data and large volumes of data to retain.  There is a constant need to review data from projects for both ongoing maintenance or for use on new building projects, but the current method of offsite tape storage makes this difficult and costly.  Tape Ark’s solution provides the best of both worlds in that it is both cost effective and provides vastly improved access to critical data.