When the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame opened the doors on its library and archives in 2012, magnetic backup tape storage was the right solution for managing large files like the ones for its induction ceremonies, original concerts, education series and programmes. Over time, however, many of those tapes became less accessible due to hardware and software failures and onsite storage limitations. In 2018, after the Rock Hall evaluated its underlying technical infrastructure and needs, it decided to do what a growing number of organisations have been doing: migrate to the cloud. This case study examines how mass tape-to-cloud migration services helped the Rock Hall move data stored on Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape storage to the cloud, where it can be preserved for years to come while being instantly accessible at any time and from anywhere.

Tape Ark’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kyle Evans, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Director of Archives at Library & Archives, Jennie Thomas, published a journal on how mass tape-to-cloud migration services helped the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame preserve music history.

Download the full journal: Journal of Digital Media Management: Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud