Stop wasting money storing old tape media in offsite vaults. Older tapes are cheaper to store in the cloud than they are in a vault. And, the cloud provides instant accessibility and you no longer need to maintain legacy tape drives or software. Migrate your old tapes and data to the cloud for FREE with Tape Ark’s cloud vault and library storage solutions.

As the specialists in tape and data management, Tape Ark can assist in the restoration, migration and preservation of your company’s corporate data assets. We have the tape storage solutions you need, allowing you to access your data in ways that were never possible before.

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Tape Migration to the Cloud 

Tape Ark is bringing offsite, archive tape data management into the 21st century by providing high volume migration from tape media directly to the cloud.  It is an innovative solution which embraces digital and virtual data storage technologies and re-imagines the way we approach physical offsite data storage. 

How does it work? Watch our video.

Click on the link below to see how the tape to cloud migration process works. This 90 second video discusses what Tape Ark does, how the process works, how you access data and how much time it takes. All your questions are answered in the one place.


What are the benefits?

What is the upside for migrating offsite archive tapes to the cloud?  Put simply, the list of benefits is endless - but how much time do you have?

For a full debrief on the environmental, economic, technological and value-added reasons, click on the link below.   

"Tape storage isn’t dead, but the long term offsite storage of tape media certainly is. It provides no value and ultimately leads to data decay and loss. Moving old tape data to the Cloud means no more wondering if data can be found and restored, no more waiting and no more courier vans. Just simple and immediate access to our historical tape based data. Tape Ark is definitely the future of tape vault storage”