Tape Ark’s vision is to give client data back to the client and make it instantly and economically accessible to them where and when they want it. Ingesting these large, ageing archive data sets into the cloud puts clients back in control of their data assets. Then, with the application of today’s data analytics, AI and machine learning tools clients can potentially make profound discoveries and insights from their legacy data and turn an increasing cost centre into a valuable revenue stream.

Stop wasting money storing old tape media in offsite vaults. Older tapes are cheaper to store in the cloud than in a vault. The cloud provides instant accessibility and you no longer need to maintain legacy tape drives or software. Liberate your old tape data to the cloud for FREE with Tape Ark’s cloud vault and library storage solutions.

As the specialists in tape and data management, Tape Ark can assist in the restoration, migration and preservation of your company’s corporate data assets. We have the tape storage solutions you need, allowing you to access your data in ways that were never possible before.

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“The legacy data in the world’s tape archives holds the potential to deliver tremendous value and potentially major breakthroughs in research, understanding, processes and practices in a wide variety of sectors, but only if it’s brought in from the cold.  We believe clients will gain an incalculable advantage by adding years or decades of latent data back into their data sets to be accessible for AI-enabled deep analytics.” Paul Steele, senior director of Seagate’s Lyve Data Services