Healthcare and Life Science organisations are one of the most data sensitive and intensive industry sectors in the world. Patient data, research and scientific discovery, along with clinical trials, hospital records and generates large volumes of data – petabytes requiring long term, secure and accessible storage. 

Historically, data was maintained and stored in voluminous hard copy files on site. This evolved to the digital era where records and data were stored on tape and disk, both in onsite data centres and offsite storage facilities. The next wave of transformation came with cloud computing. Many Healthcare providers, insurers and life science organisations have worked hard to transform their data management systems and IT infrastructure, migrating current data to cloud platforms. However, an enormous volume of legacy data remains on backup tape in offsite storage facilities, that are becoming increasingly difficult to access and expensive to maintain. Most importantly, lack of access to this valuable legacy data can limit its inclusion in data data driven discovery through machine learning applications and data driven insights to support business decisions.

“Through an increasingly rich data set, we study and understand which signs and symptoms are indicative of emerging conditions and use them prospectively for healthier and safer patient environments” Lois Gillette, VP of Product Design, Midas+ Solutions, a Xerox company.

Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the enabling tools that drive differentiation, accelerate breakthroughs, inform cost reduction decisions and improves user experience, however big data is the fuel. Control and access to current data is one side of the coin the other is the vast amounts of historical data. Healthcare providers, insurers and Life Science organisations are applying real-time information with historical data opening up new information and insights that drive patient outcomes, improve business performance while changing and challenging convention.

The Tape Ark solution provides a solution that holistically addresses these issues and provides industry leading flexibility and accessibility.

Moving large volumes of high-value legacy data tape into the cloud not only makes it more accessible and easier to manage, but also opens the door for big data opportunities and greater healthcare analytics and research.  It can increase the pace of innovation and discovery – potentially bringing cures or drugs to the market sooner.  It offers scalability of resources and the ability to update and optimise data over multiple sites from one central location much more rapidly.

Tape Ark offers a range of services to assist your needs:

  • Restore archive data from tape

  • Reformat legacy tape backups for ingest into newly deployed backup systems

  • Efficiently restore and import en-masse volumes of tapes to your preferred cloud platform.

  • Prepare large volumes of data for analytics platform ingestion such as patient de-identification

  • Restore and reformat data from one system to another (List of formats)

  • Data ownership segregation for jointly collected data

  • Restore for freedom of information act queries, court cases, matters of public record and for interagency supply.


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