Public sector data retention requirements are unique and can cross many industry and geographic boundaries.  Governments are responsible for the creation, management and long term preservation of vast volumes of information such as census data, tax records, public health records, education, libraries and data of historical significance.

Take Ark has provided services to this sector for over 15 years at international, federal, state and local government levels on 4 continents. The types of services that Tape Ark provides the government sector include:

  • Restore archive tapes
  • Reformat legacy tape backups for ingest into newly deployed backup systems
  • Restore and import large volumes of tapes to Amazon or Azure
  • Prepare large volumes of data for analytics platform ingestion
  • Prepare large volumes of data for import into government databases and other proprietary systems
  • Restore and reformat data from one system to another (List of formats here)
  • Data ownership segregation for jointly collected data
  • Restore for freedom of information act queries, court cases, matters of public record and for inter-agency supply