Our partnership with Google Cloud Platform is driven by the common goal to provide real solutions to our customers by leveraging the best of both worlds – Tape Ark’s unique and renowned tape data liberation expertise and Google’s secure, global, high performance and cost-effective low cost cloud computing solutions.  Constantly innovating and improving however, where GCP really excels is in big data tools, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and container support - delivering high performance analytics at optimal cost. Google is well known for its expertise in the collection and leveraging of data, so it makes sense that GCP could be a great choice for a range of big data implementations and organisations wanting to experiment with data. 

Google Products include: 

  • Cloud Storage, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore

  • BigQuery, Dataflow

  • Cloud AI, Google DeepMind

  • Cloud Data Transfer – Google Transfer Device, Google Transfer Appliance, Cloud Storage Transfer Service, Big Query Transfer Service