In 2017 Google Cloud Platform selected Tape Ark as one of their global Technology Partners.  This designation recognises Tape Ark’s unrivalled expertise in migrating ageing legacy data (regardless of media type or data format) from physical tape media to storage in a public cloud based solution.

Working in partnership with Google Cloud Platform, Tape Ark’s goal is to return customer data to the customer – to put it back into their hands where it belongs and to make it instantly and economically accessible to them. By using a scalable and flexible “one tape or one million tape approach”, Tape Ark can ingest and liberate large, ageing archive data sets into the Google Cloud Platform – irrespective of the tape media type or software format.  Storage of the data in the cloud provides clients with instant data accessibility, where and when they want it, and negates the need to pay ongoing offsite storage costs or maintain legacy tape drives or software.

Most importantly, putting clients back in control of their data assets means that they can then use their data – with the application of data analytics, AI, big data and machine learning tools.  These new technologies provide the potential for clients to make profound discoveries and gain insights from the legacy data, turning what was an increasing, unusable cost centre into a valuable revenue stream.

Why Google?

Our partnership with Google Cloud Platform is driven by the common goal to provide real solutions to our customers by leveraging the best of both worlds – Tape Ark’s unique and renowned tape data liberation expertise and Google’s secure, global, high performance and cost-effective low cost cloud computing solutions.  Constantly innovating and improving however, where GCP really excels is in big data tools, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and container support - delivering high performance analytics at optimal cost. Google is well known for its expertise in the collection and leveraging of data, so it makes sense that GCP could be a great choice for a range of big data implementations and organisations wanting to experiment with data. 

Google Products include: 

  • Cloud Storage, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore

  • BigQuery, Dataflow

  • Cloud AI, Google DeepMind

  • Cloud Data Transfer – Google Transfer Device, Google Transfer Appliance, Cloud Storage Transfer Service, Big Query Transfer Service

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