Tape Ark operates globally from its head office located in Perth, Western Australia.  In addition to our Perth HQ, we have facilities and operations in Oklahoma, USA and Amsterdam, EU. Projects are undertaken globally from our DM facilities or alternatively we can mobilise to the project location providing local support via a network of business partners. 

International Mobilisation to Remote Locations At Short Notice

Tape Ark’s International Mobilisation team is experienced in setting up and establishing temporary data management facilities and data centres on-site on a project by project basis where required by our clients and where, for various reasons, physical tapes cannot be transported to one of our three main operations facilities.

Our team has proven experience in mobilising to remote locations and handling complex data from a wide range of formats and media types suffering varying degrees of deterioration. Our experience in handling remote projects outside of our usual operational facilities has provided us with a unique insight into the requirements for mobilisation and the readiness of spare parts, appropriate power requirements, portable stiction reversal ovens, and other related equipment.

Where practical in our remote projects, Tape Ark also make use of and train local staff in the services being supplied and software being used. This ensures that issues that may arise after the completion of the project can be attended to by local staff in the country of origin. In addition, arrangements can be made to leave and establish a small transcription facility manned by local staff for future one off smaller projects where additional data recovery and liberation may be required.

Map detailing global Tape Ark facilities and locations from where data has been liberated

Global Leaders in Cloud Storage

By collaborating and partnering only with the best-in-class global leaders in public cloud storage and technology, Tape Ark is ensuring that our clients have access to a truly global reach.  By leveraging  cloud storage services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, we ensure that our clients have the choice in where their data is stored and whether is it stored in single or multiple regions.

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