Tape Ark offers a comprehensive range of archive film digitisation services from both 16mm and 35mm gauge sound and vision formats.

By liberating your film data and gaining ongoing and immediate access to your collection the benefits are real, immediate and achievable.  For a full list of benefits and more detailed information on content digitisation please click here.

Once your film data is liberated and accessible in a digital format, a whole new world of digital content opportunity is suddenly at your fingertips. To read about what is possible once your content is digitised please click here.

Tape Ark create full High Definition digital output (resolution 1080p) or Standard Definition if that’s all you need.

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Tape Ark uses its own custom designed software, developed to handle many of the complex issues that can be encountered during the digitisation of ageing film media.  Our data preservation professionals have years of experience in restoring and liberating at-risk data from tape media and will ensure that regaining access to and preserving your valuable data becomes a reality.

Data digitisation to the cloud using Tape Ark’s advanced data recovery and transcription workflow is the most logical, reliable and cost effective data management plan for your deteriorating data assets. 

Your data can be stored for immediate or nearline access using either AWS S3 or AWS Glacier saving costs, but still giving rapid access to the content – far outstripping the use of tape.

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