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Q. What are the environmental benefits of migrating old legacy tape data to the cloud?
If you have tapes stored in a vault and maintain legacy infrastructure for “just in case” data restores, then you are consuming power to keep your data centre functioning, using air-conditioning and environmental controls at each site (one where the tapes are, and one where your data centre is), and using carbon-emitting courier vans for tape deliveries.  In the cloud, you have no need to maintain either a data centre or a vault, and you use no courier vans.  You also can leverage the economies of scale that AWS can offer in terms of maximising efficiencies of power consumption etc. 

Q. What are the economic benefits of migrating old legacy tape data to the cloud?
Saving money on physical tape storage by replacing it with cloud-based storage is one immediate and obvious economic benefit.  But the truth is that the bulk of the savings comes from several other closely aligned areas:

Firstly, there is no need to maintain legacy infrastructure.  Many companies are paying support and maintenance on their legacy equipment for something they may only use once or twice a year.  Secondly, data centre costs for keeping the legacy equipment installed is also a major cost to clients.  Finally, maintaining legacy software platforms (including support and maintenance) can also be eliminated.

Aside from these cost savings, liberating your data can turn it into a revenue centre instead of a cost centre.  Many companies are able to monetise their data holding for use in data analytics or deeper research in the performance of their company that can lead to new innovations.

Q. We have multiple sites around the world, can you help in all locations?
Yes – Tape Ark can perform DM services anywhere in the world.  We have mobilised to complete jobs in Ethiopia, Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand, the United States, Europe, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, India, Bangladesh and other locations.  We can either come to your data, or we can arrange secure transport of your data tapes to one of our processing centres as required. 

Q. What happens to the tapes after Tape Ark migrates them to the cloud?
Tape Ark offers a rent free period for physical tapes to give clients time to quality control and reconcile their holdings.  After that clients can take advantage of low cost physical storage, or they can use one of our secure and environmentally friendly disposal methods. 

Q. How do I access my data once Tape Ark migrate it to the cloud?
Tape Ark has a secure client access portal.  Login, search for your data or tape, select the data you want restored, and either do a direct restore of your data, or request a service where Tape Ark does the restore, index or eDiscovery for you. 

Portal Pic.png

Screen Captures of the Client Access Portal

Q. What volume of tapes can Tape Ark migrate to the cloud?
Tape Ark can migrate one tape or one million tapes.  Volume is really where we have expertise, but smaller accounts are more than welcome.  We can move data to the cloud faster than anyone else and on a massive scale.  No matter what the tape type or data format. 

Q. Isn’t cloud storage more expensive than physical tape storage?
On a cost per GB, the vast majority of tapes in legacy collections are cheaper in the cloud than in physical vaults.  Some tapes that are higher density cost more per month for digital storage than for vault storage.  However, if you factor in issues surrounding maintaining legacy tape drives and software, electricity for your data centre, maintenance on equipment that you no longer need, plus the sheer speed of delivery and cost savings to the organisation, we are sure you will find the service more cost effective. For more detail please see our Data Storage Costs page.

Q. How can Tape Ark do this for free?
A. Tape Ark will migrate unlimited tapes into the cloud at no cost to the customer.  We charge a fee on top of your monthly cloud storage bill to ingest the data, provide access and deliver analytics and other services to your data.  It is no wonder why companies are choosing Tape Ark.  Free ingest, easy to use, and you can learn from the data or monetise your holding.  Turning data into a revenue centre instead of a cost centre.

Q. Is my data safe in the cloud?
The Tape Ark portal resides in the Amazon Cloud.  Amazon provides incredible security tools to protect your data including identity access management, encryption, and double or triple authentication.  This same security is used by some of the largest corporates and government agencies in the world.

Tape Ark Map of World.png

Q. How do you protect data sovereignty?
A. Tape Ark uses Amazon's regions to keep your data local, while at the same time protected.  Click here to read more about it. Tape Ark currently spans 53 AWS Availability Zones within 18 Geographic Regions.  If you would like your data housed out of your zone, no problem.  Nominate one of the 53 AWS Availability Zones and data will be placed in your nominated zone.