The building and construction industry has very long retention periods for data and large volumes of data to retain.  There is a constant need to review data from projects for both ongoing maintenance or for use on new building projects, but the current method of offsite tape storage makes this difficult and costly.  Tape Ark’s solution provides the best of both worlds in that it is both cost effective and provides vastly improved access to critical data.

The types of services that Tape Ark provides the engineering and construction sector include:

  • Restore archive tapes
  • Reformat legacy tape backups for ingest into newly deployed backup systems
  • Restore and import large volumes of tapes to Amazon or Azure
  • Prepare large volumes of data for analytics platform ingestion
  • Restore and reformat construction and engineering data including CAD and design platforms. (List of formats here)
  • Data segregation for joint venture or divestitures of assets