eDiscovery Services include the retrieval of pertinent digital evidence which may be used for investigation or litigation purposes.

eDiscovery requirements are becoming more and more prevalent for organisations of all sizes and industries. The use of digital evidence is an essential component of any internal or external investigation. However, given the scale and diversity of a request, the requirement can often be outside of the capabilities of those who support the digital repositories within an organisation.

Tape Ark offers eDiscovery services to assist with delivering relevant data to an investigation. Due to the complex and often voluminous nature of such projects, an effective solution will involve more than just restoring data. A wide range of supporting services allows clients to hand over much of the investigation requirement and trust that the necessary measures will be taken to deliver the required data.

Tape Ark have vast experience with investigations of this type. A strong understanding of the requirements of those requesting evidence allows for solutions to be provided that for client requirements even if they have not been fully developed. By working closely with internal IT and legal teams, Tape Ark can ensure that the processes that are undertaken deliver the required data within the project scope  - on time and on budget

eDiscovery procedures include:

  • Secure media transportation and tracking including Chain-of-Custody.
  • Full audit of all data repositories to determine the quantity of applicable datasets plus media formats and condition.
  • Identification and extraction of keywords and other search criteria.
  • Restoration of data from tape media (including specialised data recovery techniques for damaged or deteriorated media).
  • Indexing and searching of restored data using defined search criteria including dates, users and keywords.
  • Thorough documentation maintained throughout the duration of the project for accurate logging and future tracking.
  • Delivery of data in and easily accessible format and also protected to meet internal and external security requirements.
  • Project consultancy and recommendations to assist with project scoping, planning and delivery.

Non-disclosure agreements can also be put into place upon request.