When we say migration of historical tape media we mean every tape imaginable, irrespective of format from the 1960’s to present day. 

Tape is old – it has been the backup medium of choice for nearly half a century. So from the original reel to reel data tape technology such as 9 tracks through to early cartridges like 3490 and 8mm exabytes right through to current LTO and 9940 technology, tape has been a constant in the data storage landscape.

Whilst we’ve never strayed far from tape, each specific tape model has been ephemeral and quickly superceded by the next version with greater capacity and faster handling.  During this time, many different tape drive vendors and backup software providers have come and gone in the industry.  Restoring tapes created more than 5 years ago can prove to be very difficult or impossible for clients, but Tape Ark has the tools and skills required to handle tapes created with almost any format encapsulation.

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Click here to see the list of supported data formats. .