Geophysical data sets from large seismic surveys and geographical areas can be overly cumbersome to work with and inefficient to interpret in their entirety.  The physical volume of seismic data often means longer processing time, additional tape loading and a waste of both time and financial resources.

Using a smaller, well-defined or filtered subset of the data can not only save time and resources but also simplify the processing and interpretation workflow. It can also save a lot of headaches and frustration.

Furthermore, if that data is residing in the cloud rather than on aging tape media, access to the data and creating a subset of it will be almost immediate.

Tape Ark knows seismic data.  Our skilled oil and gas data management team understand that requests for data subsets can come in many form and we have over 20 years of experience in creating data subsets based on:

  • 2D or 3D survey data
  • Shot point ranges
  • Inline or crossline listings
  • Geographical coordinates including datums and projections
  • Depth ranges
  • Polygons intersections and cuts

We employ a combination of QC procedures including mapping and seismic validations to ensure that 2D or 3D subsets are created correctly.  We can add value to the subset by working with you to define parameters and filters during the briefing process.

Why Subset Data?

  • Shorter data loading and processing time
  • Improved desktop interpretation and data analysis
  • Simplifies the work process
  • Better and focused utilization of resources 
  • Easy to specify parameters for subsetting
  • Can be achieved on data sets of all sizes regardless of complexity


Delivery of final products can be done by:

  • Cloud based account
  • Amazon Snowball
  • USB hard drive

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