Data on Call Service (DOCS)

Maintain Ongoing Access to Critical Archival Data

Long term regulatory compliance and litigation requirements are becoming more prevalent to organisations of any size. Storing critical data is only the first step, maintaining access throughout the required retention period can mean ongoing maintenance of multiple backup environments at great cost for both infrastructure and personnel.

Tape Ark offer a Data On Call Service (DOCS) to meet the requirements of organisations who have legacy media that spans multiple backup environments. The service offers an alternative to large scale migration and ensures fast and dependable ongoing access to data residing on legacy media delivered in an easily accessible form.

The Tape Ark Data On Call Service (DOCS) 

  • Secure media auditing and management.
  • Dedicated project environment to facilitate access to data stored on legacy media.
  • Routine environment validation processes and media audits.
  • Delivery of restored data in format applicable to current systems.
  • Priority service for disaster recovery and litigation requirements.
  • Best practice environment protection methods.
  • Stringent security measures including data encryption and Chain-of-Custody tracking.