Tape Ark is a specialist in tape data duplication within the oil and gas sector.  Our highly skilled team have years of experience and have copied millions of tapes containing seismic and exploration data over the past two decades. 

It has only been in recent times that duplication of tape based data can be done directly to the cloud, allowing the data to be stored in a data lake that ensures that the data will never need to be duplicated again.  No more media migration, no more copies for JV partners, the data can rest in the cloud and be shared from a common platform. 

Tape Ark recognise however, that tape copies may still be required from time to time, and therefore offer conventional tape duplication services if required.  Keep in mind though, that tape duplication to the cloud is done free of charge at Tape Ark.

Duplication of geophysical data can be required for a multitude of reasons:

  • Data sharing internally among colleagues or between departments and divisions
  • Commercial sale or renting of the data
  • Data sharing externally for JV arrangements or with other Third Party users for analysis and interpretation
  • Disaster recovery and risk management purposes – back up copies held at additional geographic locations.

When the legacy or archived data is stored on physical hard copy tape media the data duplication process involves time and extensive software and hardware resources. Conversely if that data has been migrated to the cloud, duplication is not required – it is already accessible immediately by default, at any time and from anywhere.  In addition, if the data is in the cloud, sharing with JV partners or others can be done with a click of a button to provide permission for other users to access the same data.  Therefore, no duplication or additional copies need to be made.

Our data duplication and tape copy services include:

  • Exact, bit for bit, byte for byte data duplication – you will receive an identical twin of your original data
  • QC and MD5 unique file validation and comparison
  • Automated 24/7 data centre processing for large volume data duplication projects
  • Reporting and Executive Summary of the data including number of files processed, the size of each file, the total size of all data transferred, FFID/CDP Ranges, EBCDIC header and advanced trace processing where required.

Tape Ark has an extensive inventory of technology and infrastructure resources for processing and managing legacy data on tape. We use proprietary software and validation procedures to ensure high quality, value added data duplication services.

Benefits of copying data to the cloud instead of new tapes:

  • Tape Ark moves data to your data lake free of charge (no charge for duplication to the cloud – no matter how many tapes)
  • Once data is in the cloud – it is replicated three times free of charge to other cloud fronts as a free disaster recovery service
  • Sharing data from the cloud is as easy as clicking a button and is far more cost effective than creating physical tapes
  • Tape to cloud duplication means you no longer need tapes
  • If data is duplicated into the AWS data lake, you have standard access to work on your data, share it, process it, and delete it with a few clicks of a button.  The standard interface to the data lake allows you to bolt on tools that you want to use with the data
  • Data in the cloud can be borderless.  Have data in your Houston office you want to share with the Singapore team.  No problem.  The data is available globally and of course also can be restricted globally if you choose
  • Acquisition direct from the field to the cloud can now be done, meaning no tapes need to be created, Seismic QC can be done from any office globally in real time while data is streaming in.  Processing can be started as shots are being performed.  The typical data management work flow is disrupted and shortened by months.

Tape Ark is bringing new work flows, rapid data movement and sharing, massive processing possibilities and a new paradigm to the oil and gas sector.  The concept of needing to make copies of all data on tape is just no longer valid.  Cloud storage is commercially viable, and offers far great protection and flexibility for your data.

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