Tape Ark have an extensive understanding of seismic formats, demultiplexing and petroleum specific data formats.  We have been carrying out E&P data conversion and migration projects for more than quarter of a century. Our geophysical data conversion services are used by many of the largest oil companies in the world and we are regularly entrusted with projects where one of a kind extremely valuable data is involved.

Tape Ark’s geophysical data conversion services include:


Data interchange between multiplexed and demultiplexed data types is a common requirement in the oil and gas industry. Our proprietary data conversion software caters for all variations of these formats and produces the best possible result from complex input data.

Seismic Data Conversion

Data conversion from all seismic data formats such as SEGA, SEGB, SEGD, to SEGY and a host of others including encapsulated formats such as RODE and TAR.

Well Data Conversion

Data conversion including LIS, LAS, DLIS, BIT and LISTIF.

Navigation Data Conversion

Data conversion including UKOOA, ASCII, EBCIDC and TIF amongst others.

An in depth understanding of seismic data formats is an important factor in deciding how data should be catalogued and stored.  This is not restricted to knowing the SEG data format specifications such as SEGY, or SEGD, but also to the acquisition formats of 2D, 3D, land, site surveys, well logs etc.

This understanding assists in identifying cataloguing errors or knowing where to place barcodes on tapes and can provide significant benefits to the quality of both the catalogue and the data.

Knowing the difference between DLT, SuperDLT, LTO, and 3590 can make a major difference to the end user of the data.  Many situations have been cited where the end user is expecting a set of Exabytes but actually receives a box of 3590 cartridges which the user has no ability to read.  Often these tapes can be sent around the country or even around the world only for the end user to be disappointed.

SEG Standards

The oil and gas industry was fortunate to recognise the commonality in the data types used by the industry across a range of companies and countries. In recognising this, the oil and gas industry developed a range of industry standard data formats through the Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG) which would make information interchange between companies easier and also allow for the development of software that could use these data types to analyse and interpret the data in a consistent manner.

Tape Ark is well versed in all of the SEG standards and has developed software applications that handle all of these data formats.  For a full listing of seismic, well and navigation data formats please click here. 

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