Healthcare and Life Sciences organisations that are involved with development, testing and manufacture of drugs and medical devices must adhere to strict regulatory requirements for laboratory, clinical and manufacturing practices.

Likewise organisations that process and store sensitive and confidential patient healthcare data are also subject to stringent regulatory requirements and frameworks to meet data privacy obligations. These laws can be local, domestic or even global in application and apply to the way data is obtained, stored, shared and retained. Data retention requirements may apply for decades (life of patient) yet need to be always accessible and secure.

The migration of ageing healthcare and life sciences tape data to cloud storage can improve control and management of valuable assets – ensure data security, enhance testing and traceability for audits and overall regulatory compliance. With all data residing in one central, manageable repository a more consistent, controllable and automated system is achievable. Data can be indexed and catalogued, deduped and cleaned, and most importantly searched and retrieved in real time with no delays when required.

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