By collaborating and partnering only with the best-in-class cloud technology platforms, Tape Ark is ensuring that our clients are offered a highly reliable, high performance and scalable, yet economic and affordable cloud solution that is accessible and sustainable and can be tailored with tools and capabilities to suit your current and future data management requirements.

Tape Ark is a cloud platform and technology independent solutions provider.  However, not all public clouds are created equal and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are the undisputed global leaders and powerhouses in public cloud storage and technology. The strength of their infrastructures and the range of applications each has on offer provide users with unparalleled reliability, flexibility and scalability. This elasticity and the associated economies of scale make them all logical and suitable choices for application in any industry and enable users to securely run and have access to virtually everything within these cloud platforms – from intensive machine learning and big data projects to data mining or eDiscovery applications.

Tape Ark are certified and official partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.   Through our access to their extensive Partner networks and resources, the Tape Ark team keeps up to speed with the rapidly moving and continually evolving technology landscape that these leading public cloud platform providers spearhead.  This enables us to serve our customers better, provide new solutions and maximise efficiencies and economies throughout.

For further detail on Tape Ark’s alliance with each of our cloud platform partners: