Executive Summary

Tape Ark was recently approached by minerals exploration company Rolek Resources  to recover valuable geological data. Rolek Resources is a manganese and vanadium focused company looking to take advantage of growth in the emerging energy storage market, specifically as it applies to the rapidly growing area of battery storage for grid-scale technology.

The Challenge

After a recent acquisition, Rolek Resources had acquired the assets of the newly purchased company, and as part of the merger were provided with a series of backup tapes on unfamiliar and ageing tape media.  They were unable to read the tapes on their own internal tape drives so the data was inaccessible.  From what they could ascertain the data was also in an unknown backup format.  They didn’t require all of the data, just that relating to a particular geological database and area.

The Tape Ark Solution

Using Tape Ark’s scalable and automated mass tape liberation infrastructure, the Tape Ark team was quickly able to catalogue the contents of the tapes and create an index so that Rolek Resources could select the files that were of most importance. 

Image provided courtesy Rolek Resources

Image provided courtesy Rolek Resources

Image provided courtesy Rolek Resources

Image provided courtesy Rolek Resources

Tangible Results

The data tapes contain an irreplaceable geological database that according to Managing Director Vincent Algar, saved the company a significant amount of money.

“Tape Ark finding the database we needed, while it was a bit of a needle in a hay stack, was a huge  win for Rolek Resources, saving significant money and time for the company. The fact that they did it so fast was such a benefit to us, as it allowed us to move forward on our exploration efforts with little delay” said Algar.

“Helping clients to get the data they need to make new discoveries is what Tape Ark is all about.  It is always rewarding to solve complex problems for clients and the work we did for Rolek Resources is no different” said Director of Sales for Tape Ark Kyle Evans.

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