Are you a captive hostage to offsite tape vaults? It’s time to change. 

If you ask any company that uses the typical physical offsite storage vaults, they will tell you they do so as there has not been an adequate alternative. The impact has been that many of these companies have lost track of what they have offsite, have no way to easily recover the data from the masses of backup tapes piling up, and have resigned themselves to paying hefty, and increasing, offsite tape storage invoices for the rest of their corporate lives for little return. Many of these companies also live in hope of not ever having to do a restore from the old media, as they know the old technology and software platforms needed are no longer easily available.

That is until now. Tape Ark helps you to break free from old school vaulting storage systems, giving you control of all of your data. Our safe, secure and efficient proprietary tape to cloud migration service allows all of your data to be accessible within minutes instead of hours, days or weeks. Restores are no longer an issue, as data retention plans can become more proactive and robust. Now cross-teams and cross-departments can collaborate easily, new insights and knowledge can be discovered using the very latest analytical tools and technologies to interrogate your historical data collection, presenting new opportunities. Instead of paying, the year on year increased, fixed cost for storage vaults you tier your data based on its value and needs of your business.

Migrating to the cloud is simpler than what you might think.

Tape Ark‘s superior tape to cloud migration model compared to old school offsite backup tape storage and vaulting services makes it easy to migrate any data and most video formats to your preferred cloud platform. We have deep technical expertise, capability and global networks. No job is too big or too small. We have a unique cataloging system, and our efficient auditing process can give you an accurate indication of your cloud footprint.

The benefits of freeing you both physically and mentally from the traditional, cumbersome and often complex yet unreliable offsite data storage model:

  • A single and centralised access for all your data.

  • Time and costs savings - no more legacy tapes or tape drives to maintain.

  • Increased data security, durability and reliability when your data is in the cloud.

  • Ability to create backup and data replication to different geographies for disaster recovery.

  • Eco-friendly and environmental benefits of reducing vehicles on the road and running air conditioning and electricity in a warehouse.

  • Risk of tape degradation is eliminated

  • Fast and efficient access to data within hours of request, instead of days – forget the uncertainty of not knowing what’s on the tape, picking data, courier vans and restoring tapes.

  • Direct online access to massive data collections and deployment of analytics tools previously not possible when tapes were in a vault. This opens up legacy data to Data Mining and Big Data processing at the click of a button.

  • Ability to expire, replicate data/media with the click of a button.

  • Removes the requirement for expensive tape to tape data migration projects.

  • Simple and rapid “learning” can be achieved while tapes are transferred to shore up old catalogues, make decisions about retention with accuracy, de-duplicate data, re-catalogue data sets and confidently retire unneeded data sets.

  • Build capability over time. You can defer decision making on how to manage the data/media until you understand its value to the business.

To find out more about why you should avoid offsite backup tape storage systems and why migrating your tapes to the cloud is the better option, contact Tape Ark today.