Storing tapes in an offsite vault is old school. 

Customers all over the world are paying top dollar for an air conditioned room that provides no real benefits should a restore of those tapes be required. Many companies lose track of what they have offsite, have no way to easily recover from the masses of backup tapes piling up, and have resigned themselves to paying hefty offsite tape storage invoices for the rest of their corporate lives. Many of them also live in hope of not ever having to do a restore from the old media, as they know that the old technology and software platforms needed are likely no longer functioning in their data centre.

If you ask any of the companies that use the typical physical offsite storage system, they will all tell you they do so as there has not been a decent alternative. That is until now. Tape Ark breaks the need to keep using old school vaulting storage systems. The tape migration services on offer from Tape Ark allows all of the data to be available online, and is usually cheaper than offsite tape storage. Restores are no longer an issue, as data retention plans can become more proactive and robust. Access to data is available in minutes or hours instead of weeks, and analytics and bigger tools can be used to interrogate the vast collection of historical data that offers new insights into your business.

Migrating to the cloud is simpler than what you might think.

Are you still asking yourself what the upside is of this solution instead of an offsite tape backup storage system? By freeing clients both physically and mentally from the traditional, cumbersome and often complex yet unreliable offsite data storage model, the movement and migration of this tape media to the cloud provides a range of benefits. Here is a list of the benefits of Tape Ark‘s migration to the cloud model compared to old school offsite backup tape storage and vaulting services:

  • The ability to address media in the cloud as “media” and not a restored version of a historical backup. This approach has significant commercial upside for clients.

  • Increased data security and durability/reliability..

  • Creation of backup and data replication to additional geographies in for disaster recovery.

  • No more legacy tapes or tape drives to maintain.

  • Massively reduced data centre footprint and associated running costs.

  • Eco-friendly and environmental benefits of reducing vehicles on the road and running air conditioning and electricity in a warehouse.

  • A single point of access to all of your legacy data.

  • Removes the risk of degradation to tape media.

  • Fast and efficient access to data within hours of request, instead of days – forget picking data, courier vans and restoring tapes.

  • Direct online access to massive data collections and deployment of analytics tools previously not possible when tapes were in a vault. This opens up legacy data to Data Mining and Big Data processing at the click of a button.

  • Ability to expire media with the click of a button.

  • Cost neutral, which means the cost of tape migration to the cloud is no more than current physical storage costs, but it does come with massive upside and value.

  • Removes the requirement for expensive tape to tape data migration projects

  • Simple and rapid “learning” can be achieved while tapes are transferred to shore up old catalogues, make decisions about retention with accuracy, de-duplicate data, re-catalogue datasets and confidently retire unneeded datasets.

  • The ability to defer decision making on how to manage the media until you understand the data you have through the rapid learning achieved in the migration process.

Perhaps the best benefit of all is that the tape migration service to the cloud is free of charge. Simply take the fees you currently pay for old school and wasteful offsite storage and transfer that cost to Tape Ark, who will take care of the migration for you.  They will transfer your tapes free of charge to the cloud and provide you with access to the data like never before. No more waiting around, no more couriers, no more legacy infrastructure.

To find out more about why you should avoid offsite backup tape storage systems and why migrating your tapes to the cloud is the more efficient option, contact Tape Ark today on (08) 9218 8733.