Amazon Web Services Partner

In 2015 Amazon Web Services (AWS) selected Tape Ark as one of their global Technology Partners.  The designation of “Standard Tier Technology Partner” recognises Tape Ark’s unrivalled expertise in migrating ageing legacy data (regardless of media type or data format) from physical tape media to storage in a cloud based solution through the use of virtual tape technology and the Amazon Gateway tool set.

Why Amazon?

Our strategic alliance with AWS is driven by the common goal to provide real solutions to our customers by leveraging the best of both worlds – Tape Ark’s unique and renowned tape data migration expertise and AWS’s efficient, low cost cloud computing strength.

While AWS provides the infrastructure and building blocks (including Gateway-VTL), Tape Ark provides the means of getting that data to the cloud. We have invested significantly in our partnership with AWS by building a data solution that is aligned with AWS practices and the Gateway-VTL application. By utilising the power and elasticity of the AWS platform with Tape Ark’s core competency – getting aging legacy data from tape to the cloud utilising specialist equipment and expertise, we can provide a solution that is quick, streamlined and liberates data previously deemed almost inaccessible by our clients.

Through our access to the Amazon Partner Network (APN) the Tape Ark team keeps up to speed with the rapidly moving and continually evolving technology landscape that AWS leads.  This enables us to serve our customers better, provide new solutions and maximise efficiencies and economies throughout.

AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) & Glacier

Tape Ark utilises both the Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier cloud storage applications for the migration of data from tape. Both are simple, scaleable, secure and offer 11x9s of durability. Once data is migrated from tape to the AWS cloud, it is initially stored in Amazon S3 before being automatically tiered into Amazon Glacier for archiving in low cost, long term cloud storage.  Through the Tape Ark client portal and VTL and VTD technology you can view and order your tapes in the same way you would from a physical offsite data vault. Delivery of tape data migrated to the cloud is then accessible in minutes instead of days or weeks.

AWS Gateway Storage VTL

With Gateway-VTL, AWS Storage Gateway provides a cost-effective, scalable and durable virtual tape infrastructure that eliminates the challenges associated with owning and operating an on-premises physical tape infrastructure. This technology is built around the ability to address media in the cloud as “tape media” and not a restored version of a historical data backup.  This approach has significant commercial upside for clients. Using this virtual technology in the cloud, an organisation can have a limitless collection of virtual tapes. Each virtual tape can be stored in a Virtual Tape Library backed by Amazon S3, or a Virtual Tape Shelf backed by Amazon Glacier. The Virtual Tape Library exposes an industry-standard interface (iSCSI), which provides your backup application with online access to the virtual tapes. When you no longer require immediate or frequent access to data contained on a virtual tape, you can use your backup application to move it from its Virtual Tape Library to your Virtual Tape Shelf in order to further reduce your storage costs.

AWS Snowball Appliance and Snow Mobile

Tape Ark has circumvented the standard bottle neck of slow internet connection to move massive volumes of data by implementing the AWS Snowball appliance which is capable of moving over a Petabyte a week. The AWS Snowball appliance accelerates the transfer of large amounts of data into and out of AWS, bypassing the Internet. Each AWS Snowball appliance type can transport data at faster-than internet speeds and this allows Tape Ark to move multi-petabyte data sets from tape to the cloud faster than any other service available. Tape Ark uses the Snowball appliance to transfer hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of data between your our on-premises tape processing data centre and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). The AWS Snowball uses powerful interfaces that can create jobs, transfer data, and track the status of your jobs through to completion. It also uses chain of custody GPS tracking, as well as layers of security that protects your data during transition.

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