We all know data management processes can be fragmented, and current interfaces can have limited capability. The reason for this is any seismic data management interface older than five years was purely designed to manage metadata, not the actual subsurface measurements.

Tape Ark, CEO & Founder, Guy Holmes, a 15-year veteran of subsurface data management interfaces said, “A few years ago, I experienced interfaces that were not progressive enough to meet the emerging needs of geologists, geophysicists and data managers. The ability to access dynamic data to deep dive and collaborate didn’t exist – everyone was making do, until now.

“Today, a modern alternative exists that is dynamic, fast, collaborative, and fair. As a physicist who has spent hundreds of hours using a range of data interpretation platforms, I’m thrilled by WellLogData’s new Subsurface Data Management Interface and what it offers – it’s a game-changer.”

Tape Ark is a world-leading technology specialist securely migrating, high volumes of tape-bound data to the cloud at speed. Once ingested, data is linked to an interface where users across an organization or location can dynamically manage, analyze, object map, share, and interpret measurements previously only available on magnetic tape.

The Subsurface Data Management Interface is available across both seismic and well data.

The interface is a scalable, dynamic, intuitive, cloud-native platform designed to support cross-team collaboration and reduce time-to-insight.

Of the many unique and attractive features is the direct access to LAS data, log plots, cross plots, production plots, and well top to create cross-sections, perform log analysis, view in 3D, and share data within seconds.

Ted Kernan, CEO and Founder of WellLogData, who is a Petroleum Geoscientist with over 10 years of experience and also a full stack developer said, “The interface addresses the current expectations of users. As the amount of data available grows exponentially, we need a paradigm shift in the tools we use to capitalize on opportunities. WellLogData is built with the future in mind, as the cadence of technological advancements quickens. I’m excited to work with Tape Ark as they liberate the world’s collection of legacy seismic and well data into the cloud.”

The Subsurface Data Management Interface is a SaaS platform that offers a wide range of unique features designed to provide access to actual data so users can make fast and confident decisions.

Features Comparison Table

A comparison between WellLogData on Tape Ark Data Platform vs. Current Industry Interfaces features as of September 2019.

To see how WellLogData can bring your data to life and give you greater access and more insights Request a Demo

Request a Demo

To see how WellLogData can bring your data to life and give you greater access and more insights Request a Demo

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